Cardboard Congressman Town Hall

206 W College Ave
Normal, IL 61761
United States
January 25, 2018,
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Representatives Lahood and Davis have been invited to address their McLean County constituents. This meeting will proceed with or without them—come and make your voices heard. Please submit questions for the Congressman ahead of the event in the comment section below.

We can make our voices heard by advocating for what we believe and voting for candidates who will listen. We need our U.S. Congressmen and women to listen to us - the people who elected them to represent our views. Darin LaHood and Rodney Davis seem to think differently. Both voted for Obamacare repeal and the recent tax bill against the direction of their constituents who opposed both of these hastily-drawn, ill-conceived bills by wide majorities. Instead of listening to us, they listened to money and power—large corporations and the billionaire donor class. If we allow this to continue, we will lose our ability to ensure our democracy works for everyone—not just the 1% who can afford it.

Mr. LaHood assured us the tax bill Mr. Trump just signed into law “allows low- and middle-class individuals and families to keep more of their hard-earned paychecks.” If that’s the goal, why are these tax breaks “temporary” for low- and middle-class citizens, but permanent for corporations? And if this legislation is all about us, why do 82% of its benefits accrue to the wealthiest, at the expense of low- and middle-class voters who, if Speaker Ryan has his way, will see cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security in order to pay for them? 

Join your fellow McLean County residents in addressing these concerns and others to our elected representatives.