Elusive Elise, come on out! Protest corrupt GOP Cocktail Party

458 Union Street
Saratoga Springs, NY
United States
February 9, 2018,
4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

#ElusiveElise Stefanik has still not had an open Town Hall Meeting with Constituents. But she has time to go to a cocktail party with her buddies from the Party of Putin. 
Are you outraged?
Let's tell #ElusiveElise that we need a Congress that works for us, not Putin, Trump and corrupt billionaires from Wall St to Moscow.
Join us outside the Saratoga County GOP (Greedy Oligarchs of Putin) reception at the Saratoga National Golf Club where #ElusiveElise will be the keynote speaker.
Instead of listening to her constituents,#ElusiveElise is working for her Billionaire oligarch donors. 
We will be there to ask “Why won't Elise talk with US?”
Share your concerns about DACA, Healthcare, the Tax Scam, the Environment, Corruption, the Russian cyber-attack on our Democracy, and the issues that matter to you.