Peaceful Protest Against Conversion Therapy-LGBTQIA Pride Event

Metro City Church
17500 Fort S
Riverview, MI 48173
United States
February 8, 2018, 6:00 pm

Pence like Conversion Therapy Workshops to teach youth that it’s not okay to be yourself or to love who you want to love. This is a hate group. It’s archaic and oppressive so we will show them that love is love. The protest is to be peaceful, inspiring and encouraging to the children forced to have these workshops. Protestors are encouraged to share their stories to the crowd. Have a pride festival outside every Thursday 6:00

The protest will be in front. There will be group leaders because youth will be present we ask for you to be peaceful and there to support the youth. 

Posters to state resources, pride, and/or empowerment messages. 

Park on side streets. We don’t recommend parking at the church. Police might be present as well I’m sure we will find out. If so the protest will still go on they will ask you to stay on sidewalks which is public property and you can’t be removed. We will contact legal observers.