Take Action Tuesday- Hold Trump Accountable: Government Shutdown

1401 N Main St
High Point, NC 27262
United States
January 23, 2018,
10:00 am to 11:00 am

One year into the Trump Administration, the federal government is shut down. This is the #TrumpShutdown 

Just before midnight Friday, the Senate voted 50-49 on the continuing resolution to keep the government funded for a few more weeks (remember when we did this in December, too?). But this vote required 60 votes to pass -- that means it failed because Republicans couldn't put forth legislation that could pass with the required votes from Republicans and Democrats.
In the entire history of our country, the government has NEVER shut down when one party controlled the Congress and the White House. It’s called "governing," and apparently the GOP government can't do it.

Trump has gone on record saying that a President has to get everyone in the room and take the lead, suggesting that President Obama was weak in that sense. He was blaming President Obama for the government shutdown in Sept 2013, but now it's on him and we will make sure he owns it.