A Teach-In: For a Livable World! Climate Justice Now!

1106 New Britain Ave
West Hartford, CT
United States
February 24, 2018, 12:00 pm

Experts and Activists Exploring Some of the Toughest Questions Facing the Climate Movement

Workshops To Include:

• Become a Citizen Lobbyist for the Spring 2018 Legislative Session
• What Would an Independent Mass Action Strategy Look Like?
• The Fight for a Green, De-Colonized Puerto Rico
• Fight for Green Affordable Mass Transit
• Nuclear Power is NOT Renewable!
• Get Your Town to Commit to 100% Renewable This Year!
• One Town’s Fight Against Coal, Gas, and Burning Trash
• Developing a Grass Roots Environmental Justice Agenda
• Winning Your Union to the Fight for Climate Justice
• Promise to Protect: Join the National Fight Against the Nebraska Pipeline
• What’s Wrong with the state Comprehensive Energy Strategy?