Twin Cities Achdiose take responsibility for your actions against children sexual abuse

Minneapolis, MN
United States
April 1, 2018, 9:00 am

The Twin Cities Archdiocese is not taking responsibility for their actions and revictammizing the survivors of pedophile priests it moved from parish to parish in the Twin cities to avoid detection and not notifying authorities.

Allowing the to abuse more children. They are in one of the longest bankruptcy cases in the country refusing to accept responsibility for their actions. Please see the article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune dated March 3rd, 2018. We are asking that you support these children abused under the Archdiocese by participating in a silent peaceful protest by standing across the street from your neighborhood Catholic Church on Sunday, 1st of April before and after services holding signs to remember the victims and demanding the Twin Cities Archdiocese take responsibility and settle with the victims. This will hopefully encourage parishioners to place pressure on the Archdiocese to take responsibility. Remember they were just children and the Church all powerful hid the abuses.

Silent, Peaceful across the street. Let the Parishioners see your sign.