Laguna Beach, CA

We collected events from February 2017-February 2018 and are no longer active. You can download the events, locations, organizers, and signs.

2 protests

April 15, 2017, 12:00 pm

Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna Beach Tax March


Without his returns, Americans are in the dark about Trump's conflicts of interest, his foreign entanglements, and whether he even pays any taxes at all.

On April 15 in Tax Marches...

May 9, 2017, 7:15 pm

Laguna Beach, CA

Voter Registration Training (Laguna Beach)

District data and voter registration training.Everything you need to know to help turn Southern California blue in 2018!

The presenter is Sue Bernside, an expert in voter identification, targeting and contact, Vote-By-Mail, as well as...