Blue Valpo

This is a grassroots movement & political discussion group that aims to unify liberals, regardless of party, on politics & issues that affect us here in the Greater Valparaiso area. This group is self-populated: each member has the ability/responsibility to add like-minded liberals to the group & grow our base. 

Just as written in our constitution, we "strive to promote the general welfare" of all individuals, & as members we embrace a genuinely humanist approach to life. We seek & speak truth. We openly listen to & hear the concerns of others. We strive to build understanding among ourselves & with others so we can work together. We strive to better our community, our state, our country, & our world. We value our ability to work with & within our governing institutions to create meaningful & longstanding change for the wellbeing of all people. We will lift our voices in support of those that can not be heard, for those that are marginalized, those that are down trodden, & those that are victimized and struggle with life.

Through collaboration & direct action we can influence the outcome of political elections, government policy, & change laws: from meetings that happen across the dinner table or in our community, to City Hall & the County building, to the statehouse, across the country, & even around the world. We know that we can not idly sit back, content with status quo, nor can we passively allow extremism, obstructionism, & fanaticism to grow stronger. 

THIS PAGE IS NOT FOR: conservatives, tea partiers, right-wing libertarians, radically conservative republicans, the religious right, birthers, constitutional purists, etc. Quite simply, we can not be all things to everyone, regardless of political bent or leaning. It is OK to just BE the liberals that we are, without having to regularly entertain fundamental differences in philosophy, opinion, &policy position.

This page is NOT directly affiliated with or under the governing auspices of the Democratic Party, the Green Party, the Independent Party, etc! We are a grassroots movement of liberals that seek to educate ourselves & other voters, to connect with other like-minded individuals on important issues, & to take direct action through ground work in all possible mediums.

Situations & discussions will arise where we do not agree - that disagreement is OK! We all do not have to agree on all things all the time. Even more, healthy discussion of important issues in which we do not agree is exceptionally important to our ability to move FORWARD!

1 protests

July 24, 2017, 6:00 pm

Valparaiso, IN

March for Medicare for All in Valpo

Organizers: Blue Valpo

Join Porter County residents in downtown Valpo to speak up for our belief that healthcare should be a human right, not a privilege in America. 

We will march around the courthouse...