Boston May Day Coalition

We came together in 2006 in the City of Boston as part of the massive national movilization for immigrant rights. Since then every May 1 has been marked by a rally related to the struggle of undocumented immigrant workers and all workers in general. The links between International Workers Day and the struggle of undocumented immigrant workers coming from all over the world cannot be more clear. 

We emphasize the historical aspects of these struggles from the Haymarket Square Affair in 1886 to the demonstrations of immigrant workers today in the U.S., recognizing the central role played by the 2006 demonstrations. We see a clear connection between the struggle for the 8-hours work-day waged by other migrant workers and the struggle for full rights for all immigrants today.

1 protests

September 16, 2017, 1:00 pm

Boston, MA

Resist Deportations! Defend DACA!: Boston

The government in Washington has stepped up attacks on migrants to levels not seen in years. Trump's attacks on Muslim migrants were only the beginning. Deportations are accelerating. Trump is terminating the Deferred Action for Childhood...