DUH - Demand Universal Healthcare

Demand Universal Healthcare is an organization whose mission is to help establish tax supported, comprehensive healthcare for everyone in the United States by:

Continuing to grow the reach of our social media platforms to inform, empower, and inspire today's healthcare advocates and activists, as well as those of the future. 

Partnering with local organizations and individuals to arrange unique events to educate and unify the general public in support of true universal healthcare.

Supporting in whatever way we can and participating in proactive, unifying events to bring individuals and organizations together in common purpose, no matter their different approaches or philosophies..

Increasing media and public attention to the cause through interviews, TV appearances, and published articles, as well as a vibrant social media and Internet presence.

Establishing and nurturing productive, positive relationships with legislators by which to advance HR 676 and similar legislation.

Inviting and respecting the talents, ideas, and participation of all those who would further our cause, while remaining steadfastly true to our goal, bold in our decision-making, and strong in our leadership.

1 protests

July 29, 2017, 12:00 pm

Chicago, IL

Celebrate Medicare's birthday with a call for Medicare for All!

Join the Illinois Single Payer Coalition at the annual Bughouse Square Debates! We will have a table and a speaker participating in Chicago's annual time-honored tradition of public debate around important issues. Come, learn the issues, enjoy...