Our Revolution - Savannah

Our Revolution of Savannah (ORS) will engage, inspire, empower and advocate for all citizens in the local community to achieve their fullest potential. ORS will achieve this through focused political, educational, social, economic, and environmental justice actions in our community. We will help the citizens of our community to recognize their innate rights based on our nation’s founding documents and work together to ensure our elected officials are enacting policies and allocating resources in ways that reflect our interests and objectives. We will also partner with like-minded organizations that share our values and to achieve common objectives.

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February 25, 2017, 2:00 pm

Savannah, GA

Our Revolution-Savannah: Civil Action

Our Revolution-Savannah is proud to announce that we are here and ready to impact change in our communities. Far too long, we have practiced passive resistance by depending on others to speak for us. Our Revolution-Savannah is OUR platform to...