The Resistance - Northridge, Indivisible

Part of Indivisible, we're a volunteer group of progressive Democrats in Northridge (Los Angeles) who are working together to drive political change starting at the local level. We stand for inclusivity, equality, freedom, and opportunity for everyone. We believe change starts municipally by building relationships with constituents to increase voter turnout in every election, especially in your community. We look for opportunities to drive change here and across the country and will work closely with activists in each area to assist in their efforts (i.e. phone banking to help flip a district, etc.). Empowering each of our members to lead is crucial to the success of our impact. We maintain a friendly, diverse, hilarious, intelligent, and hard working environment.

2 protests

November 27, 2017, 12:00 pm

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Indivisible National Tax Scam Day of Action

LA is part of Indivisible's National Tax Scam Day of Action. But we're doing it LA Style.

We'll be there in costume: 

Daddy Warbucks kicks Little Orphan Americannie to the curb.

.The Statue of Liberty takes...

September 14, 2017, 5:00 pm

Los Angeles,

The Mike Pence and friends Resistance Rally and March

Our message for this is simple: Get big money out of politics. 

Congress needs to represent US, the American people. We are protesting the Rich Radical Republicans who continually vote against all of our interests. They need to...