Socialist Students

Socialist Students is an organization launched by student members of Socialist Alternative. It is an organization of young people and students who are tired of the rule of the billionaire class and are fighting to build a new society, a socialist society. Young people today face crippling student debt, a wasteland of a job market, and an increasingly poor standard of living. We see these crises as being a direct effect of global capitalism; a system based on profit rather than need. We will fight for a society that meets the needs of all people rather than just a handful of billionaires, and we will start in our schools and communities!

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March 8, 2017, 6:00 pm

Seattle, WA

Pussy Riot, Planned Parenthood, Shaun King Rally 4 Women's Rights

Fight Trump's misogyny and bigotry! Come rally for women's rights on March 8, 6pm, at Westlake Park!

Join me, the courageous and international known feminists Pussy Riot, Shaun King from the Injustice Boycott movement and the New York...