Working Families Party

16 protests

February 12, 2018, 4:30 pm

Washington, DC

Reject Trump's #InfrastructureScam

Trump's White House has announced they will release his #InfrastructureScam next Monday, February 12th. Though he campaigned to rebuild America, leaked documents show that this scam won't provide one more penny for infrastructure. Instead, it...

February 10, 2018, 9:00 am

Reno, NV

Political Education Training: Reno

It is vital for all of us to understand why we are in the Age of Trump. Working Families Academy is conducting a series of day-long trainings that will teach you about non-partisan systems analysis, history and what we can do to fight back...

February 6, 2018, 6:30 pm

Washington, DC

D.C. Council At-Large & Council Chair Candidate Forum

Join us at the Woman's National Democratic Club for a candidate forum for At-Large & Council Chair candidates in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday Feb. 6th! Doors open at 6:00 PM and the program will begin promptly at 6:30, wrapping up at 8...

December 23, 2017, 5:00 pm

New York, NY

No Holiday Cheer for Us? No Holiday Cheer for You, Chuck!

On Saturday, immigrant youth and families will rally outside Senator Chuck Schumer’s Brooklyn home over the DREAM Act. 

We hoped to gather to celebrate Senator Schumer's successful passage of a clean DREAM Act, with no border...

December 19, 2017, 12:00 pm

New York, NY

Emergency Tax Bill Protest: Wall Street, Tues., Dec. 19, Noon

The Republican tax bill can still be stopped! We in New York cannot be silent as Congress prepares to pass a bill that will devastate New York State and transfer trillions of dollars from the poor and the middle class to the richest tenth of...

December 18, 2017, 12:00 pm

Portland, ME

Senator Collins: Stop the Trump Tax Scam

Senator Susan Collins needs to know that a vote for this bill is a vote against women. Senator Collins is still undecided on the tax plan. If she votes "yes," it will give millionaires and billionaires huge tax breaks while raising taxes on...

December 5, 2017, 4:00 pm

Sterling, VA

Don't count your chickens

This weekend, the Senate passed their GOP tax scam in the dead of night. Rep. Comstock needs to hear from her constituents who want her to vote NO on this disastrous bill.

Join "Donny" the #NotOnePenny Chicken to Protest...

November 4, 2017, 9:30 am

Columbus, OH

Yes We Canvass

Election day is only 10 days away. For the first time in most of our lifetimes, Columbus has the chance to completely shake up City Hall. Activists and everyday people from all across the city have joined forces to support 5 badass leaders...

October 4, 2017, 5:30 pm

Washington, DC

Rally to Grab Back

Last October, we learned that the now president of the United States is a proud sexual predator. 

Now, his administration is actively dismantling protections for sexual assault survivors and he's still openly assaulting and...

September 6, 2017, 4:00 pm

Arlington, VA

DC Welcome Rally: Charlotteville to DC

Join us as we rally to welcome the #Cville2DC Marchers into DC.

We will be meeting at Gateway Park at 3pm to welcome our marchers into DC and cross the Francis Scott Key Bridge together. 

We will then march to our...