A Better Budget for Flint

4500 N Dort Hwy
Flint, MI 48505
United States
June 1, 2017,
10:30 am to 11:30 am

President Trump has proposed a federal budget that makes drastic cuts to social services while funelling even more money into the monied elite. This is not the solution for the Flint water crisis that he promised; this is the cause of the next one. And despite his many campaign promises to invest in much needed infrastructure, there is none to be found in this budget.

There is a better way. We can literally rebuild our nation from the ground up by investing in our people. We must create a foundation upon which a truely great nation can be built. But to do that, we must first reject this mockery of our national priorities.

Stand with Michigan United on Thursday, June 1st as we hold a press conference outside the Flint water treatment plant to show the nation how heartless fiscal priorities have lead to calamity. We will offer solutions based on investing in people like you.