Children's Environmental March-Greenwich CT - Climate March Day

101 Field Point Rd
Greenwich, CT 06830
United States
April 29, 2017,
10:45 am to 1:45 pm

The Children's Environmental March- Preventing ​Global Warming, Pollution and ​A​nything that ​H​arms Kids and our Planet 

We have started the permitting process for this rally and march and would like to gauge interest. 

We want to inspire people, across generations and political parties, to come together and work towards our common goal of a safe and healthy planet. The children of today and the future depend on our leadership. Please join us for this celebration of the Earth and help generate a spirit of positive teamwork!. Our rally will host environmental thought leaders, local environmental advocates and MOST IMPORTANTLY serve as a platform to the children of our community to express their concern and hope for the promise of a protected and flourishing clean environment. 

Please contact us for information regarding hosting an Children's Environmental March in your community.
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