The Devil is in the Details. Teach-in on Reclaim NY

405 Columbia St
Hudson, NY 12534
United States
May 13, 2017,
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Reclaim NY, established by Steve Bannon and funded by the Mercers, is a nonprofit advocacy group that warns New Yorkers of an "affordability crisis," in the state and uses misleading statistics that color the state in dark tones of despair. Government waste, secretiveness and corruption are to blame, according to Reclaim NY, and alleges a mass exodus of citizens to other, less costly states.

But Reclaim NY is only a "foil" itself for a newly established lobbying and political action organization conveniently named, Reclaim NY Initiative. Using the data collected by its nonprofit arm, this insidious new Reclaim NY Initiative is preparing to target NYS laws and regulations, tailor political messages and select Steve Bannon prototype candidates to further dismantle state and local governments.