Impeachment March Yuba City

Plumas St and B Street
Yuba City, CA 95991
United States
July 2, 2017,
10:30 am to 12:00 pm

Trump is a symptom of what's wrong with our world. He and his administration have got to go. 

The Resistance is growing stronger day by day. We have a lot of victories to celebrate, and a long hard fight ahead of us. If it's not going to be us to lead this fight, who will?

We, the people, support Congressional Judiciary Committee inquiries and subpoenas of potential evidence which could lead to the impeachment of president, and his alleged conspirators for suspected crimes against the United States of America. 

Obstruction of Justice, Violations of the Emoluments Clause connected to Quo Warranto business law violations here and around the world, plus obstructing freedom of the press, immigration law violations, libel & slander, and treason -- these are non-partisan "high crimes and misdemeanors" that are suspected, and we won't take them lightly.

We march in cities across the US on July 2nd to show lawmakers we want in-depth investigations of these suspected crimes, and with hard evidence, we want them to vote to impeach.