Lobbying 101: Training and Workshop

2300 W Meadowview Rd
Greensboro, NC
United States
May 23, 2017,
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Are you wondering what exactly "lobbying" is? Lobbying is the act of going to your elected representatives, whether State or Federal, meeting with them (or their staff) and voicing your concerns in a more personal, group setting. It is yet another tool in our arsenal to use to try to persuade politicians to listen to us, their constituents.

Join us for a short training session with Maddie Majerus, Director of Organizing for Equality NC. She will explain a bit about the lobbying process, how to be most effective, and spend some time workshopping with us--i.e. teaching us how to prepare personal stories and tell them effectively when meeting with representatives, etc.