March for Public Education Tri-County Rally- Miami

254 NE 4th Street
Miami, FL 33132
United States
July 22, 2017,
11:00 am to 2:00 pm

At this time, our public education is facing a financial crisis that is unprecedented in our history! Last month, Gov. Rick Scott signed HB7069, a charter-school-friendly bill that severely hurts our public schools. Despite opposition from traditional public school advocates, he chose to sign a bill that not only forces our public schools to split tax dollars with charter schools but will also offer huge breaks and benefits to charter school corporations and their developers. Our students deserve better! It will take our collective stand to make our voices heard in order to protect public education for our children. On July 22, let's come together with Karla Mats, President of United Teacher's of Dade, fellow educators, administrators, public school advocates and notable alumni and STAND UP for public Education!