March for Truth - Portland, ME

389 Congress Street
Portland, ME
United States
June 3, 2017,
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Maine is in a rare spot. Both of our Senators are on The Senate Intelligence Committee. Senator King has called for an independent Investigator and Senator Collins has said she has faith in the current process. 

There is more than sufficient cause for alarm about the role Russian state-led hacking and information warfare played in the 2016 election, and there are crucial unanswered questions about the relationship between the Russian state and Donald Trump, his associates and his campaign. The legitimacy of the United States government may hinge on the answers to these questions. If the President was elected even in part due to collusion with a foreign effort to interfere in our democratic process, then the will of the people has been subverted.

The President just fired the FBI Director, a highly concerning move that may be intended to thwart the ongoing FBI investigation into Russian interference and ties to Donald Trump and his associates. Congressional investigations in the House and Senate have been slow, under-resourced, and mired in partisan politics. Many Congressional leaders have called for an independent investigation, a special prosecutor or a commission to fairly investigate these concerns. Despite the clear will of the people, their calls have not been answered.