Medicare for All Speakout

1219 Druid Hill Ave
Baltimore, MD 21217
United States
November 14, 2017,
6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Have you or a loved one ever struggled to pay medical bills? Do you avoid going to the doctor’s because you can’t afford it? Do you restrict your working hours in order to qualify for Medicaid? Have you ever faced medical discrimination based on your race, social class, disability or gender? Join Healthcare is a Human Right Maryland for a public Speakout and Town Hall event.

This will be a space to share our experiences and to acknowledge together that we are collectively traumatized by our broken healthcare system. We will also learn about legislation for a national health insurance program (HR-676, also known as National Improved Medicare for All) and make plans on how we will organize together to secure the healthcare system that we deserve as a basic human right.