The More You Factually Know: Media Literacy and Why It Matters

40 E St Clair St
Indianapolis, IN 46204
United States
November 6, 2017,
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Learn to evaluate media sources and gain the necessary tools to navigate the current information landscape in this hands-on presentation.

Coined in the 1890s, “yellow journalism” is a type of sensational journalism that presents little or no legitimate value. In other words, “fake news” is not new to America. In an ever-changing informational landscape where 62% of adults report receiving news from social media, valid questions exist to the accuracy of that news. Social media can expose people to different viewpoints and be instrumental in empowering them to become politically engaged. But, it also has the potential to negatively manipulate through misinformation. This interactive event will give the audience an opportunity to learn about news ethics in story selection and develop the skills to navigate today’s media landscape so they can best leverage their political power to make a difference. Interactive components will include audience-led evaluation of the authority and authenticity of various media stories.