Peoples Climate March - Newaygo County

Brooks Park
Newaygo, MI 49337
United States
April 29, 2017,
11:00 am to 12:00 pm


A historic movement is growing to confront Donald Trump’s unprecedented attacks on people and the planet.

For weeks we’ve been shocked by Trump’s heinous cabinet picks and executive orders, while being inspired by widespread, rapidly organized rallies where thousands of people come together within hours. The day after the inauguration, millions of people hit the streets in what has been called the largest peaceful mobilization in US history.

Continuing to mobilize is how we rebuild political momentum for climate action and environmental protection, and stand up against bigotry and injustice.

Sign up now and join us for a local gathering in Newaygo to show the strength and determination of our opposition to every part of Trump’s vicious fossil fuel agenda. 

The first 100 days are when Presidents have the most power and legitimacy to pursue their agendas. April 29th is the 100th day of the Trump presidency and we will be part of a larger, national action in Washington DC and across the country. Our march is a small, brief, but meaningful way for Newaygo County residents to join in solidarity, voice our concerns, and share our vision for a clean local and global environment.

The Trump Administration wants to shock us into despair and inaction: that’s why he started with pushing Keystone XL and Dakota Access in his first week, along with trying to expunge all references to climate change from government websites and social media. But he will not be able to keep his promises to his fossil fuel industry backers. Clean, 100% renewable energy is on the rise across the country. We The People will continue our unshakable opposition on the ground, and in the courts -- every pipeline, every coal mine, every time.

Continuing to act is how we keep hope alive. At this dangerous time, there is nothing we need more than hope, so that we may forge a new future that includes clean rivers, streams, lakes, air, and lands in West Michigan, and that provides justice and dignity for us all.

We will get there -- together.