People's Climate Movement Sister March: San Jose

San Jose City Hall
200 E Santa Clara St
San Jose, CA 95113
United States
April 29, 2017,
10:00 am to 1:00 pm

The Green Party Santa Clara County invites you to Join us on April 29th on a sister march to the People's Climate Movement March in San Jose. Let's put People, Planet Peace, Over Profit.
Join us at 10 am in front of the San Jose City Hall and march in defense of both the environment and the welfare of the American people.

The Green Party of the United States and it's Eco-Action Committee have endorsed various marches in support of the environment. In the wake of Donald Trump's election as President of the United States, it is likely that the Environmental Protection Agency, which has promoted clean air and safe drinking water for the past 40 years, will be gutted or dismantled. It is also likely that fossil fuel extraction will be accelerated in a fully deregulated environment, and our public lands, waterways and coastal waters will be despoiled, jeopardizing both the immediate safety and long term health and well being of the American people.