Providence Equality Rally, Pride March 2017

Rhode Island State House
82 Smith Street
Providence, RI 02903
United States
June 11, 2017,
3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Providence Statehouse. Come as you are. The PVD March is in solidarity with the Equality March on Washington, DC and with cities from around the country. We are mobilizing LGBTQ+ communities, our loved ones and our allies – with particular focus on those who have been actively silenced and neglected – in the fight to affirm and protect our rights, our safety and our full humanity. We are also reflecting on the Pulse Massacre 1 Year later. We will use the Equality March, and sister events across the country, to give voice to our concerns, and to support, uplift, and bring attention to those in our communities who are targeted due to immigration status, ethnicity, religion, skin color, gender, and disability. We affirm and celebrate that we are a mix of diverse communities. Lack of unity has caused many of our needs to be neglected or ignored. But now, for 2017 and beyond, we are working to learn from our prior mistakes and come together through common belief in inalienable human rights and dignity for all.