Rep. Paul Cook Vote NO! Stop the GOP Tax Scam/Protect Medicare

14955 Dale Evans Pkwy
Apple Valley, CA 92307
United States
December 5, 2017,
10:30 am to 11:30 am

We're on RED ALERT. After House Republicans passed the GOP's atrocious tax plan, Senate Republicans are RACING to put it to a vote, and we're running out of time to stop it.

If this plan goes into effect, the rich will get richer, while the rest of us pay the price. Republicans want to GUT critical programs like Medicare and even raise taxes on middle-class families, all so the ultra-wealthy can avoid paying their fair share!

We HAVE to fight back. We're doing everything we can to stop the GOP's massive giveaway to the wealthy, but we need you to stand with us today.

The President is trying to fast track his tax plan that would give the richest top 0.2 percent more than $270 BILLION in tax cuts while raising the tax rate for middle class and low-income families. They propose $1 TRILLION in cuts to Medicaid, $473 BILLION from Medicare, and other horrors to pay for it. 

Rep Cook voted YES on this resolution.
The bill will come back to the House for a vote as soon as Friday Nov 31st.

This plan would have devastating impacts California's 8th District and across the country - and we must defeat it!