Resist Trump Tuesday Demonstration - Show Us Your Taxes

405 E 8th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401
United States
April 18, 2017,
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Be part of this important, weekly, consistent show of resistence against Trump's dangerous and divisive governance. The primary theme this week is "Show Us Your Taxes" - it is unprecedented in modern history for a U.S. President to keep his taxes private. Americans deserve the right to know about his possible financial conflicts of interest, possible collusion with Russian bankers, and more. Bring your creativity and make some insightful or funny signs as we gather together to make our voices heard. And if you'd like to make your voice heard on other issues - environment, against war, protecting reproductive freedom, or thanking/encouraging Sentaors Wyden & Merkely and Congressman DeFazio to keep at it, please do that too since we will be outside their Eugene offices!