We Are Watching Rally at the Capitol - #MoralMondays

Tennessee State Capitol
600 Charlotte Ave
Nashville, TN 37243
United States
March 27, 2017,
5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Since January 30th, 2017, hundreds of Tennesseans have gathered outside the House and Senate chambers on Monday evenings to let legislators know that we are watching the bills they’re filing. 

We Are Watching is asking you and your friends to join us for #MoralMondays every week, until our State House and Senate legislators understand that we are NOT paid and we are NOT from out of state, but WE ARE WATCHING and we will not be silenced. 

We will not sit back and do nothing while our extremist legislature attempts to pass discriminatory and dangerous legislation. We will not let our tax dollars be used to subsidize private schools. We will not tolerate our immigrant neighbors being targeted through hateful legislation.

And, we will not let our voices be dismissed by tired, right-wing #alternativefact conspiracy theories about paid protestors brought in from out of state.

Join us to remind our lawmakers that they are the ones paid to be at the Capitol - not us - and we’re the ones paying them.