Action Indivisible

Taking it to the State and Local levels. In the State House and the City-County building. Moving it into our communities-keeping it in the streets. Creating actions and events to involve more of our neighbors. Creating the coalitions required for all of us to fight together-not simply be allies. We're not duplicating the efforts of others (DontSleep, Common Cause, OFA, Vote-By-Mail, SURJ, IndyCAN, NORML-or any of the other Progressive efforts) we're here to help augment, expand, and support their efforts and actions.
At times it will be our own events-at different times it will be standing with others. At times it will be a Rapid Response that requires all of us.
It's about action. It is about all of us together being Indivisible.

2 protests

December 12, 2017, 11:30 am

Indianapolis, IN

GOPTaxScam Tuesday Protest

It's time for an all-out blitz to stop the tax scam—and, win or lose, to ENSURE that the public understands exactly how viciously the Republicans are trying to rip off the public to enrich their donors.  We're talking tens of thousands of...

November 20, 2017, 12:00 pm

Indianapolis, IN

Not One Penny - Tax Scam Protest

Though we ARE calling and writing, our Washington allies say whats missing is our street presence to drive the #NotOnePenny for billionaires, message home. We Need to make some NOISE! :) This is much worse than it sounds folks. What...