Connecticut Bail Fund

People who cannot afford to pay bail are held in jail while presumptively innocent, causing many to lose their housing, employment, healthcare, and custody of their children. Each year, thousands of defendants accept guilty plea bargains - even when innocent - just to go home from jail. This system of wealth-based jailing mostly targets low-income people of color.

Our goal is to end the mass jailing of legally innocent people. By posting bail for those who can't, we build grassroots support for the abolition of money bail and the dismantling of our racist criminal punishment system.

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November 1, 2017, 3:00 pm

New Haven, CT

Housing Not Jails: A March to End Homelessness

There is enough empty housing in New Haven to put a roof over everyone's head tonight. Instead of providing housing, the city is criminalizing our community, destroying homeless encampments, stealing our property, and imposing fines, fees and...